Welcome to Impogram
     Impogram is a CD/DVD production company, active since  
    1974. We are specialised in making exclusive products for
    traditional and non-traditional customers all over the
    world. We own an extensive catalogue and through our
    partners we can supply unlimited titles in all music genres.
    We specialise in classical, french repertoire and jazz.
    Throughout the years we have made hundreds of successful
    Contact us now for more information.


Jaap van Zweden

Among our recordings you can find a wide selection of violintracks performed by world famous Jaap van Zweden. As producer and owner, we have these recordings exclusively.

French chansons

Impogram is specialised in making french compilations. For these compilations we have the ability to work with the major record companies such as Universal, EMI and Sony.


CD’s can be very suitable as promotional tools. For limited costs an add-on CD can have a very positive effect on the main product. We have a large experience in this field and can suggest the best product for your company.


   Some of our recordings can    
   be purchased through
   iTunes. Search for artists
   like “Jaap van Zweden”,
   ”Han de Vries” or
   ”Combattimento Consort”.